Reformation Man faces the Hard Questions

The hard questions.  We may not be used to thinking out loud about them, but they are hovering in the back of our minds; we are always searching for or exploring answers.

You can hear them explored in the popular songs.  You can see them in the movies.  You will find them in poetry.  Once you know what to look for, you can even find them in painting and sculpture.  We interject these questions into our popular culture because we need to have answers for daily living.

Every philosophy and religion offer answers.  A particular set of answers creates a mental framework that enables our decisions to be consistent–but only as consistent as the quality of the framework.  The better the framework, the better our experience of life.

The Hard Questions are:

  • Who/what am I as a human, male and female?
  • How should I think about the flow of events in which I live?
  • How should I think about the universe in which I live, and what are my responsibilities to it?
  • Who/what is the ultimate or foundational reality?
  • How can I know what is true and what is false?
  • How can I decide the right and wise thing to do, and have the courage and strength to do it?
  • I’m pretty sure I’m going to die, and so will my spouse and friends; how should I think about that?

For each of these, postings will explore the answers that make Reformation Man what he is, and enables him to operate constructively, compassionately and with confidence in a confusing, chaotic world.